A beautiful place

Canyon Grove Assisted Living provides restorative and skilled nursing care in an atmosphere which
encourages the emotional health of patients while tending to their physical wellbeing. Feeling a sense of purpose each day is essential to quality living for all of us, which is why Canyon Grove Senior Living of Florida offers engaging activities designed to stimulate the mind, nourish the spirit, and strengthen the body.

We pledge to put life back into living.  

The Atlantis Experience

Dine like a king. Our in-house, talented chefs will have you wining and dining like royalty with heavenly but healthy cuisine. Dishes that will whet your appetite and keep you satisfied, catered to your preferences. Live like a Queen. No more menial tasks for you. With our proficient housekeeping crew, you can sit back and relax and never clean a mess again. Be pampered like a princess. With salon services at your doorstep, you’ll always look and feel beautiful. Be treated like a Prince. With our medication management services, shower assistance, memory care and any other therapy or aid you might need, You’ll always be looked after and taken care of. 

Be our guest but feel at home. At the canyon, it’s not either us or family. With our family get-together possibilities and our passion for supporting you and your family always, you can have both. With all the afore-mentioned amenities coupled with the integrated social scene and activities we place an emphasis on, you’ve got it all. We don’t just take care. At the canyon, we care.


A kid at heart. Who said only the young ones can have fun? We pepper every few weeks with exciting outings and trips. We love giving you a good time.

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